Automate middleware provisioning and carry out reliable, regular and repeatable automated software deployments, with self-documenting and easily shareable deployment plans.



Link tasks together into complex orchestrations, and carry them out with the click of a button. Visualise them clearly and control them easily via the RapidDeploy orchestration pane.



Organise your organisation’s release cycle with privilege and approval gates for improved efficiency, and gain the ability to deploy regularly into production as soon as updates are made.


Our largest customers execute over 50,000 deployments a year (each!) using RapidDeploy

Release applications at pace without error or risk

RapidDeploy is a powerful application release and deployment automation tool. Built for DevOps teams and enterprise continuous delivery, RapidDeploy delivers consistent high volume deployments so your teams can focus on developing.

We’ve been helping our customers realize the significant productivity gains that can be achieved through automating releases since 2008, and our engineers and consultants have accrued a wealth of expertise in this space.


RapidDeploy Works Seemlessly With:

Fully featured ARA tool

  • Web UI

    Full Web UI based application with integrated database with no initial configuration needed. Download, Unzip, Run.

  • Drag and drop editors

    Release pipelines and server task orchestrations both editable via your web browser 'drag and drop' canvas

  • Task based orchestration

    Task based orchestration with hundreds of built-in tasks + manage & run your own scripts

  • Deploy anywhere

    Deploy to any servers, including full integrations to the popular cloud infrastructures such as AWS and Azure

  • Handle rollback & failure

    Release pipeline failure branches, orchestration failure branches, rollback pipelines

  • Rerun & restart jobs

    Replay & rerun jobs. Restart jobs from last failure point

  • Command line and Web services interfaces

    Web UI, Command line and Web services interfaces

  • Reporting dashboard

    Reporting dashboard with drill-down capability. Identify problem areas quickly.

  • Source external resources

    Easily and automatically pull in external resources from anywhere (remote file/folder, web, SCM or artefact repository) to include in your release

  • Full release versioning

    Full release versioning within the tool, with drill-down comparison capability for project release versions;

  • Plug-in architecture

    Plug in architecture with integrations for popular build, SCM, artefact repository tools and to aid deployments to application servers, middleware, docker, databases etc;

  • Full log & audit

    Real time release and deployment log viewer, full audit and approvals logs

  • Full security model

    Full security model with fine grained access controls and integration with LDAP, AD, SSO

  • Clustering

    Easily cluster RapidDeploy for load balancing and failover

  • Calendars & scheduling

    Full unattended deployment, calendar scheduling and blackout period functionality

  • Enterprise database support

    RapidDeploy comes with an internal database, but you can configure RapidDeploy to use any enterprise database such as Oracle or DB2 if required.

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