Support SLAs

Flexible support options

Community support is available FREE on our community licensed product for the free usage tier.

For the paid-for Subscription and Support Licenses, MidVision offers three levels of support. 

Our Community support is a basic level of support limited to community forum and shared support portal. 

The next level is  Standard (Web Based) support which adds a dedicated support portal and response and Resolution SLA’s. 

The top tier Platinum (Web/Phone and rapid response) support adds 24/7 telephone call centre rapid response and for severity 1 incidents a dedicated support technician working on the issue 24/7 until resolution.

Custom SLA’s/MSSA’s are also available for the Platinum tier upon request.

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Community Forum

Electronic Problem Submission

Shared Portal

Dedicated Portal

Dedicated Portal
Telephone Problem Submission

Enterprise Directory Services and
High Availability Support

Support Hours
Standard business hours

Standard business hours
(24/7 + Dedicated resources
for severity 1)

Target Response
1 Business day

2 Hours
(30 Minutes for severity 1)

Target Resolution*
1 Business week

8 Hours
(2 hours for severity 1)

*On a 'reasonable endeavours' basis.


Questions About Support?


Is support included with the community edition?

 When you install the community edition you are entitled to  ‘community‘ support. There is no SLA associated with community support, and you may need to wait for your support request to be answered. Community support is only available through the web support portal or forums.


What is the difference between standard and platinum support

If you need support for mission critical production environments, then we offer an additional ‘platinum‘  support option including 24/7 telephone support with enhanced response times and dedicated support portal.

How does standard support work?

Anyone  can register for support on the MidVision support site.

All support issues should be raised on this site. With standard support you will be entitled to a dedicated support portal where you should raise all of your support requests.

The highest support ticket priority with standard support is ‘High’.


Who can see the tickets I raise using community support?

Anyone can view tickets raised in our shared support portal, therefore it is very important that you don’t post any personally identifiable data when using community support.

The requester will only be identifiable by their first name and has the option to hide their email address on their account profile page.

When will I get an answer to my support question?

For community support there is no SLA and you may need to wait for your support request to be answered.

For standard and platinum support we operate to a support SLA as shown in the table. 

For severity 1 issues with platinum support, your support question will be answered within 30 minutes. We aim to resolve the issue within 2 hours.

Please note that you should try to accurately assign the severity of the ticket as described on our support site, as MidVision Cloud engineers will asses the issue and may amend the severity, at their sole discretion, if it is deemed necessary

I need a private support area - what do I need to do?

If you need a private support portal, we can create one for you. This will be done automatically when you subscribe to standard or platinum support.

If you are using community support, you will need to upgrade to a standard support subscription to gain access to a private support portal.

Do you offer consultancy services?

Yes. We are able to offer expert consultancy services for RapidDeploy, provided by ourselves or one of our partners. Consultancy is priced on either an hourly, daily or monthly rate and is typically provided remotely.

What constitutes support versus consultancy?

Generally speaking, where you have an error in your logs or identify a bug or something not working as expected, then we’ll take a look at it and work with you on a resolution. 

Where you are seeking advice on configurations, best practice or asking us to perform configuration, set up, data migration, updates and upgrades, problem or project management or other longer term functions, we’d consider this consultancy.

Can I view the EULA?

Yes. You can access our EULAs here

Any other questions?

We’ve answered lots of common questions on our ‘Your Questions Answered‘ page, or you can email us with your specific question at