About Us

MidVision is a software vendor that specialises in Application Release Automation and Continuous Delivery software solutions.

Its flagship product, RapidDeploy, provides both on premise and cloud hosted versions and is used by some of the world largest and most innovative organisations.

MidVision was founded in 2008. Our purpose was to create a deployment solution that would remove much of the requirement to create custom scripts to perform the majority of the routine operations performed in many IT Organisations to deploy business applications.

This is based around three main capabilities:

  • Automation: RapidDeploy allows organisation to automate routine IT processes, such as deploying application updates, in order to allow organisations to reliably accelerate their software release cycles in a cost effective manner. It is particularly strong managing more traditional “enterprise” runtimes from IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and Microsoft .NET – but also supports some of the newer cloud native technologies like Docker. The tool is designed to handle all the automation required to configure environments and deploy applications into them – after the software itself has been created.
  • Orchestration: Many application releases and updates require a relatively complex release process that often involves many teams and components within an IT infrastructure being updated in a co-ordinated manner. This can be in the form of multi component application updates, or across multiple data centres such as production and DR. RapidDeploy provides an orchestration capability to reliably and efficiently map application orchestration release patterns into the tool there by removing the requirement for spreadsheets and manual co-ordination by Release Managers. This includes the use of features such as Co-ordinating complex multi-tier deployment, handling dependencies, capabilities around transactional releases, rollbacks, etc. using a Directed deployment approach.
  • Release Management: Once processes are automated and orchestrated within a specific environment, for example a Development Environment, these updates need to be propagated to down stream environments such as Test or UAT, and ultimately being promoted to production if the changes pass a robust criteria of testing and valuation. The promotion and control of updates between environments, controlled by a process of human and automated approval gates, is what we refer to as Release Management. These include the use of features such as pipelines, approvals and workflows.

Customer Profile

MidVision customers are generally mid to large size companies that already have an established technology infrastructure but are looking to improve the efficient, pace and reliability to allow them to compete more effectively.

Most of MidVision customers have a varied heterogeneous technology stack that likely includes a mix of applications written in different languages / runtimes, from Java to .NET, Python and many more. The applications that run in many of these organisations not only required automation to accelerate the release processes – but they also need to be orchestrated and co-ordinated to work together.

We work with customers to help them adopt new technology stacks more efficiently as well as modernise their existing application estate.

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