RapidDeploy Pricing

Flexible pricing options

RapidDeploy 5.0 pricing is based on an annual subscription model. Per-endpoint prices are based on a combination of the number of target endpoints you deploy to, and the level of support you require. There is no limitation in software functionality in the community edition – the software functionality is identical for all support levels.

All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars ($) per (target) endpoint per year. 

Community Support
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Standard Support
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Platinum Support
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Up to 10 Endpoints (Community License)


Not Available

Not Available

Up to 50 Endpoints




Between 51 - 250 Endpoints

Between 251 - 1000 Endpoints

Not Available
1000+ Endpoints

Not Available

*Talk to us about unlimited endpoint pricing.

† The free usage tier license is issued for an initial three month or one year period. Subsequent free 1-year 10-endpoint community licenses can be obtained by emailing  sales@midvision.com. The free usage tier is only available up to 10 nodes with community support.


Questions About Pricing?


What am I buying?

RapidDeploy Community Edition is a product that is freely available to download. By default it runs under a free Community edition license – limited to 10 endpoints and basic online support. To remove these limitations you need to buy a license. 

As you increase the number of purchased endpoints at your support level, the cost of additional endpoints is reduced as outlined in the above table. The free usage tier is not available for paid licenses.


Licenses are delivered electronically via email. After you place your order, you’ll receive an email containing your invoice, and another email with your license key. You can then paste this license key into your RapidDeploy server to unlock the features.

The license covers the use of all of the RapidDeploy plugins (except for the IBM DataPower plugin which is licensed separately).

What if I need multiple RapidDeploy server instances?

There is no restriction on the number of RapidDeploy servers you can run as long as all your endpoints are licensed. High availability RapidDeploy instances share the same license keys and endpoint configurations. You can also run as many test instances as you like at no extra cost.

If you are have several production instances of RapidDeploy that are not in the same high availability cluster then you are not permitted to re-use these key but must purchase additional endpoint licenses. If you have any questions on this please contact sales.

How do you measure when an Endpoint is in use?

Endpoints in RapidDeploy are configured as “Server” or “Node” connections. A endpoint is defined as a hostname or IP address plus a connection port plus credentials. 

What if I outgrow my edition and need to upgrade?

Contact us and we can issue you a new license and you only pay the difference from the package you are currently on.

Can I purchase multiple years of a subscription upfront?

Yes, and we are happy to provide a discount for doing so. Get in touch at sales@midvision.com

Which currencies do you accept?

All prices on this page are in USD, however when you generate a quote or purchase you can choose between USD, GBP and EUR.

Is this a subscription or perpetual license?

All licenses published online are subscription licenses. As of RapidDeploy 5.0, we are only issuing subscription licenses.

How can I increase the endpoint limit for my license?

You can easily increase the number of licensed endpoints by contacting sales.

I have a purchase order, or need a quote

We’re happy to provide quotes or process purchase orders. Just email us at sales@midvision.com.

Will I have to manage a separate license key for each purchase of endpoint licenses?

Not necessarily. You can request that all of your licenses are synchronised with a single key, or you can add new license keys for new endpoint purchases.

What does an annual subscription include?

Your annual subscription includes a 12-month license to use RapidDeploy, including support and maintenance at your selected tier.

Can I view the EULA?

Yes. You can access our EULAs here

Is platinum telephone support available as an extra with community and standard?

If you require 24/7 ‘Platinum’ telephone support, you may want to use RapidDeploy with the Platinum support option.

Any other questions?

Email us at sales@midvision.com.