RapidDeploy Overview

Release Automation, Orchestration and Management. All in one package.

All of your resources, all in one place.

  • Create a library of external resources that can be consumed by any Project
  • Each resource is a pointer to a location where artifacts reside
  • Resource plugins for local or remote files, folders, SCM (Git, Subversion, TFS etc), Artifact (Maven, Nexus etc)

Map deployments to your infrastructure

  • Store a list of logical servers within RapidDeploy
  • Each server definition consists of one or more IP addresses or hostnames and how to connect to them
  • Each server can have multiple installations.
  • These can be backed by plugins to connect to cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and VMWare.

Create a repeatable project plan for your configuration

  • Create a server orchestration that defines the steps to run on each target using Orchestration Designer
  • Select internal or external resources to deploy
  • Define deployment targets
  • Create point in time ‘Versions’ (packages)
  • Includes configuration management

Your next deployment is in the calendar

  • Built-in scheduling system for setting regular jobs for your deployments and other activities.
  • Configure when a package and program will be deployed or made available to your environments.
  • Deployments for an individual application are scheduled on a per-environment basis, or entire environments and route-to-live pipelines can also be scheduled.

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