Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are available at an hourly or daily rate. We also offer 10 and 20 day bundles. The prices are shown below.

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20 day bundle
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Consultancy Services*$175


$12,800 ($1,280/day)

$24,000 ($1,200/day)

*All daily prices based on a professional 8 hour working day.


Questions About Consultancy?


What consultancy services do you offer?

We are able to offer expert consultancy services for RapidDeploy, provided by ourselves or one of our partners. Consultancy is priced on either an hourly, daily or monthly rate and is typically provided remotely.

Consultancy services are offered on a Time & Materials basis only (T&M). We do not offer fixed price consultancy.

How do I buy consultancy services?

Click on the ‘Buy Now‘ link for the service you require and complete the fields in the request form. You will need to accept the terms of the MidVision consultancy services agreement (MCSA). 

You will receive by email a proposed statement of work (SOW) generated from your form inputs. A MidVision sales engineer will contact you regarding the specific terms of the agreement.

What constitutes support versus consultancy?

Generally speaking, where you have an error in your logs or identify a bug or something not working as expected, then we’ll treat it as support and take a look at it and work with you on a resolution. 

Where you are seeking advice on configurations, best practice or asking us to perform configuration, set up, data migration, updates and upgrades, problem or project management or other longer term functions, we’d consider this consultancy.

When will the consultancy be performed?

On the request form you will need to enter the “Start Date” for the services to begin. We will use our best endeavours to meet this date for the start of the consultancy services.

However, due to operational constraints, it is possible that we may not be able to meet your requested start date. In this case we’ll let you know the earliest available start dates, before you purchase the product.

Any other questions?

We’ve answered lots of common questions on our ‘Your Questions Answered‘ page, or you can email us with your specific question at