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RapidDeploy is the flagship MidVision deployment automation software. Our largest customers execute over 50,000 deployments per year (each!) using RapidDeploy. Download the version you require then let’s get started.

RapidDeploy 5.1

Framework Server

Recommended Latest Stable Release Version for all Platforms. Free for up to ten endpoints.

The framework server distribution zip files each contain the RapidDeploy UI Java application together with everything needed to get started without any other components. Just unzip and run the startup script located in the bin directory.

For the Docker image, just pull and start according to the instructions on Docker Hub.

Current Version: 5.1.4 (Released 09.05.2022)


64 Bit

Docker Hub

Linux Container


64 Bit

Mac OS/X

64 Bit

RapidDeploy 5.1


RapidDeploy is shipped with an inbuilt agent for the platform you chose, and that agent will be started automatically whenever you start the RapidDeploy framework server.  This will allow you to run jobs locally. However, if you are running remote jobs on other platforms using an agent, you’ll need to download the agent for those platforms. 

You don’t need to download agents if you are planning to use SSH (Secure Shell) to connect to your target servers.

Agent for AIX 32/64 bit platforms available on request.

About Agents

RapidDeploy supports direct connections to remote servers using either SSH or an Agent. If you would like to use an agent instead of SSH, you can download the agents for your platforms from this section.

Agents support Basic Auth or SSL and Point-To-Point or Multicast modes.

Linux Agent

64 Bit

Windows Agent

64 Bit

Mac OS/X Agent

64 Bit