Configure Encryption Key

Configure a unique encryption key

The default encryption key is set to a 24 character string by default in the ${MV_HOME}/web-apps/tomcat/webapps/MidVision/WEB-INF/classes/ file.

# Encryption Key.
# If this remains unset, SSH keys etc
# are in clear text in the database. If
# this is set to any string (at least 24 characters long),
# the keys will be encrypted in the database.

In order to use a different value for your site, copy the above stanza and add it to the ${MV_HOME}/bin/ file, which overrides the default property. Setting this key to any value of at least 24 characters will cause SECRET and encrypted properties to be encrypted in the database and in files. Leaving blank will still encrypt the values but in a less secure manner. Using the default key is permitted but not recommended in production environments.

Please note this setting does not affect user passwords, which are always encrypted with a one-way hash.