Support Schedule

RapidDeploy Release and Support Schedule

Release and Support schedule for framework server and plugins.

We’re constantly adding support for new platforms and the new features we’re asked for – our product development roadmap is 100% customer driven. Tell us what you want. We aim to release support for the platforms we manage within two quarters of the vendor’s release of a new version, but we can do it sooner if our customers need it.

RapidDeploy uses a standard version nomenclature corresponding to:




The RapidDeploy release and support schedule is based on major release. MidVision aims to make a new major release available every 1 to 2 years. Major releases are generally supported for at least 3 years from the date of GA. Minor releases occur every 1 to 2 months.

Since version 4.0, in-situ upgrades of RapidDeploy are very simple and take only a few minutes.  You can find instructions for upgrading RapidDeploy on our upgrade page.

Major Release

Minor Version
Release Date
Current Status
RapidDeploy 5.1
RapidDeploy 5.1
5.1.0 [INITIAL]
RapidDeploy 5.0
5.0.31 [FINAL]04/11/2021
Update to 5.1.
RapidDeploy 5.0
5.0.0 [INITIAL]11/07/201711/07/2020
Extended Support.
Update to 5.1.
RapidDeploy 4.2
4.2.9 [FINAL]19/05/2017

Extended Support.
Update to 5.1.

MidVision Core Plugins Release and Support Schedule

Support for MidVision developed plugins

Plugins are updated, certified and released against each major release of  RapidDeploy. Therefore, RapidDeploy plugins, developed by MidVision, are supported on the same basis as the framework server in which they are released.

Please Note. MidVision cannot accept responsibility for any plugins not developed by MidVision. Please contact the owner of any third party plugins for support information.

Extended Support Guarantee

MidVision guarantees to provide extended support for an additional two (2) years beyond the official end-of-support date of a product or major version. Please contact MidVision sales to arrange extended support.

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