Microsoft .Net and IIS Plugin

Plugin for Microsoft .NET and IIS services.





The Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server Plugins for RapidDeploy allows you to create, configure and manage Microsoft .Net and IIS Server instances. The plugins are for all versions of Microsoft .Net and IIS Server.


By using the RapidDeploy Microsoft .Net and IIS Server plugins you can install Microsoft .Net and IIS Server binaries using the tasks supplied with these plugins.


The Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server plugins allow you configure the Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server installation, tailoring the installation to your requirements. Templates are provided that can simplify getting started with Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server configuration.

Most settings you can edit in the Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server console can be configured using the RapidDeploy Plugins, from security settings to clusters, database and many other resources.


These plugins allows you to deploy your compiled code to your Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server  installations and configure application specific settings.


Use these plugins to snapshot Microsoft .Net and IIS Application Server installations so that you can compare snapshots over time to identify changes and configuration drift.


By default a new instance of RapidDeploy comes with the Microsoft .Net and IIS plugin installed. If you have a direct internet connection and need to update the plugins for any reason the easiest way to do this is via the Plugin Manager when you are logged into RapidDeploy.

Log in to RapidDeploy and go to:

System -> Plugin Manager -> Available Plugins Tab

If your RapidDeploy instance does not have an internet connection you can download the required Microsoft .Net and IIS Server plugin here

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