Maximum Concurrent Jobs

Change the number of allowable concurrent jobs

RapidDeploy factory setting allows a maximum of 10 jobs to be run in parallel in the RapidDeploy running jobs panel.

1. Configure maximum running jobs

By default this setting is set to 10 in the  ${MV_HOME}/web-apps/tomcat/webapps/MidVision/WEB-INF/classes/ file and this setting can be overridden in the  ${MV_HOME}/bin/  file by adding the following line into the file and restarting the RapidDeploy server:
This property indicates how many jobs the RapidDeploy framework server will concurrently run at any one time. If this limit is reached then new jobs will queued until one of the running jobs completes and the first job in the queue will be started. Each job spawns a new thread to monitor the job progress and log output, which is displayed in the UI and also saved to the project log location. This setting can be increased or reduced depending on the memory resource available on your server. If the value is changed then the RapidDeploy framework server needs to be restarted for this setting to take effect.

2. Server threads

Since each concurrent deployment adds multiple threads (for logging, monitoring etc), please ensure that you also increase appropriately the number of threads available in your web container. Normally this will be the web Container thread pool max threads setting. For the Tomcat web container, this can be set in the ${MV_HOME}/web-apps/tomcat/conf/server.xml , on the connector as follows: Change the 9090 connector from:  
                  Connector port="9090" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
                                 redirectPort="9443" maxThreads="300" 
                  Connector port="9090" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
                                 redirectPort="9443" maxPostSize="-10" maxThreads="400"