Configure Purge Periods

Decide how long to retain log, event and snapshot data.

Purge periods are configured, at application scope, in the ${MV_HOME}/bin/ file. The purge process will run a few minutes after RapidDeploy is started, and then once every 24 hours from then on. Default purge periods for event and deployment data are set to 3 years. Please see the section below, which sets the default values in the

${MV_HOME}/web-apps/tomcat/webapps/MidVision/WEB-INF/classes/ file.

# Purge periods
# Purge periods for deleting
# items older than a specified number
# of days. 
# NOTE: If not set, the default will be
# the purge period in the file, 


To override these default values, add the above stanza to your ${MV_HOME}/bin/ file and amend the values to your site requirements.

  • event.records.purge.period : Period (days) to store historic event records such as user or project creation records.
  • deployment.requests.purge.period : Period (days) to store historic deployment job records.
  • snapshot.purge.period : Period (days) to store environment snapshots.

The output in the rapididdeploy web application log file begins and ends as follows:

[timerFactory][2016-07-08 17:41:29,423] INFO : com.midvision.rapiddeploy.service.timer.ArchiveManagerTimerTask:run - Start number: 1 date: 08/07/2016 17:41:29
[timerFactory][2016-07-08 17:41:29,423] DEBUG: com.midvision.rapiddeploy.service.timer.ArchiveManagerTimerTask:getArchiveDate - Removing archive records older than: Wed Oct 30 17:41:29 GMT 2002 (days: -5000)
[timerFactory][2016-07-08 17:41:29,483] INFO : com.midvision.rapiddeploy.service.timer.ArchiveManagerTimerTask:run - End number: 1 date: 08/07/2016 17:41:29