IBM DB2 Job Plan (Using Liquibase)

Liquibase Plan

This plan countains two blueprints that show a quick overview of some of the tasks and functionality of the Liquibase plugin with the IBM DB2 Database. Specifically it shows how DB2 databases on different targets (dev/test/prod) can be updated using liquibase plugin (and rollback if there is an error). using the following two blueprints:

  1. LiquibaseUpdate
  2. LiquibaseRollback

Liquibase Blueprint

This blueprint shows how to perform a database migration with liquibase, in this instance using DB2.


An IBM DB2 plan to deploy changes to IBM DB2 using Liquibase.


Downloadable Plans

To install a plan, follow these steps:

  1. Download the selected plan to your desktop.
  2. Log in to RapidDeploy
  3. Go to ‘Menu’ -> ‘My Job Plans’
  4. Click the ‘Upload Job Plan’ in the top right hand corner
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The link below will download the DB2 plan to your desktop

Downloadable Blueprint

To install a blueprint, follow these steps:

  • Download the selected blueprints to your desktop.
  • Log in to RapidDeploy and go to ‘Menu’ -> ‘Resources’ -> ‘Projects’
  • Click the ‘Upload Project’ button in the top right of the project list panel.
  • Select the file you downloaded and then follow the on-screen instructions!

The links below will download the DB2 blueprints to your desktop

IBM DB2 Demo Blueprint (Liquibase) for CentOS 7/RHEL 7


This plan demonstrates the following RapidDeploy features and tasks:

  • Runs a job plan through Dev, Test and Production environments using the LiquibaseUpdate blueprint project
  • Runs a LiquibaseRollback blueprint project to demonstrate rollback


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