Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Plugin

Plugin for RapidDeploy Secure Shell (SSH).

Using this plugin you can deploy to and manage remote servers using by connecting to Ssh running on the target server.

When using the Ssh plugin you can use standard Ssh security features such as username, password, keyfile, passphrase etc.

The Ssh plugin allows you to set environment variables on the transport panel which will be used for any orchestration run using that transport definition. Any such variables set will override those set on the target server itself.

The Ssh plugin supports multiple execution modes using su, sudo or pbrun to change from the connecting user to a different user to perform the job.





By default a new instance of RapidDeploy should come with the latest version of the remote agent plugin already installed. If you have a direct internet connection and need to update the plugins for any reason the easiest way to do this is via the Plugin Manager when you are logged into RapidDeploy. Log in to RapidDeploy and go to:

System -> Plugin Manager -> Available Plugins Tab

If your RapidDeploy instance does not have an internet connection you can download the SSH plugin here


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