By default a new instance of RapidDeploy does not come with the latest version of the plugins already installed. If you have a direct internet connection and need to update the plugins for any reason the easiest way to do this is via the Plugin Manager when you are logged into RapidDeploy.

Log in to RapidDeploy and go to:

System -> Plugin Manager -> Available Plugins Tab

If your RapidDeploy instance does not have an internet connection you can download the DBMaestro plugins here


These plugins are shipped with the RapidDeploy installation by default.

A complete set of tasks and actions for the plugins is available within RapidDeploy when the plugins are installed using the Plugin Manager. The task help is contextual and provides information on the values and attributes required to configure these plugins.

Available Plugins:

  • DBMaestro Database Management Plugin

Plugin Components:

  • The plugin adds tasks to the server orchestration task list to enable you to manage Database instances.



All actions provided by the DBmaestro TeamWork Automation framework can be performed by RapidDeploy:

  • DBmaestro build latest revision
  • DBmaestro build specific label
  • DBmaestro build between labels
  • DBmaestro build by tasks
  • DBmaestro validate state
  • DBmaestro deploy
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Apply label
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Set baseline
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Apply label and set baseline
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Generate latest revision
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Generate specific label
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Generate between labels
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Generate by tasks
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Add objects
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Check-in
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Check-out
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Enter deployment mode
  • DBmaestro detailed task: Exit deployment mode

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