The IBM WebSphere DataPower Plugin for RapidDeploy allows you to manage IBM Datapower devices and their configuration. You can patch firmware, manage configurations and create and update domains and sub-domain components.


By using the RapidDeploy IBM WebSphere DataPower plugin you can patch DataPower firmware as well as backup a device and restore a device from a previous backup.


The IBM WebSphere DataPower plugin allows you perform common device configurations such as managing users, groups, ethernet adapters, NTP, Host Alias etc.


The plugin allows you to create and update domains or sub-domain components and manage their configurations on a per domain basis.


You can export a DataPower domain, to create a snapshot zip file that can be compared with other snapshots over time to identify configuration drift, or used as the basis for a deployment package to deploy to further domains on the same or different devices.


The DataPower plugin is not installed by default in the RapidDeploy installation. It wil need to be installed from the plugin manager before you can access any of the DataPower tasks.

If you have a direct internet connection and need to update the plugins for any reason the easiest way to do this is via the Plugin Manager when you are logged into RapidDeploy. Log in to RapidDeploy and go to:

System -> Plugin Manager -> Available Plugins Tab

If your RapidDeploy instance does not have an internet connection you can download the WebSphere plugins here


Download the Blueprint to your desktop


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